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It’s time to say goodbye dumaguete! I superly duperrr enjoyed my stay here!! :))))

Strolling down the campus of siliman and the streets of dumaguete city. :)) #hiking

Happiness. :))))

I want to walk it down with you as husband and wife someday!

-tuara naluya sa oks! samokas kilig moments oyyy. #wattpad #rookieinlove #ratedX

yun ohhh! in.ani unta akong Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gradutaion gifts uh! tskkkk!! PAITAAAA!

He love it so much!! #doglove

Omygeeee!! My High School addiction, #FLYFF! It has been 6 years i haven’t played this. I remembered, I was once a buffer and named it jammy_bear368. Kinda want to play it again, like i used to but this time, all by myself even if it’s already out-dated. Is this game still alive? :)) #flashbackfriday #onlinegame

♥♥♥ :)

Mang Inasal baby! Getting ready for unli rice. :)) #gettiingfat #selfie

Off to little sissy’s graduation. ;)) #blackandwhite #ootd